Meet Our Friend-Mihail Belousiuc

Mihail Belousiuc is from Republic of Moldova (Eastern Europe) and is currently taking a Master’s course at Syracuse University as an exchange student. His dedication and commitment to volunteer for a good cause started at an early age. While staying in the US, Mike wants to get as much volunteering experience as he can; he has been volunteering with EAA since this summer.

Q1.Were you interested in environmental issues and volunteering before?

-If yes, tell us about which environmental issue concerns you the most and your volunteer experience.

A1. Yes . I ve been involved in volunteering actions in my country, organizing and participating in international ecological school (Tajikistan, September 2010), International volunteering Forum (Belarus, April 2010), as well as national ecologic and clean up actions (Hai, Moldova, April 2011)

Climate change mitigation issues and national governmental policies to decrease GHG (CO2) emissions are highly important for each country all around the world. Clean up activities,  gas emission reduction, other actions and policies could mitigate

Q2. Volunteering is one way to help save the environment. After volunteering, do you find your life differently than before?

A2. EAA Volunteering is a good vivid example of involvement, assertiveness in community’s live

Developing team work activities, participatory behavior, communicational skills, and other managerial practices


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