Meet Our Friend-Vivian Luo

Vivian Luo is one of our regular volunteers. She volunteers for tree care activity twice a week. Volunteering with EAA has given her much inspiration to help save the environment as well as inviting her friends to join with her. She tries to recycle every day.

Q1. Were you interested in environmental issues and volunteering before?

-If yes, tell us about which environmental issue concerns you the most and your volunteer experience.

A1. The environment issue that concerns me the most is water supply. I have participated in activities with EAA.

Q2. Which topic is the most interesting to you and why?

A2. The topic I am most interested in is preserving endangered species because it prevents ecosystems from collapsing.

Q3. For that, what do you do in your daily life?(Please share your examples)

A3. I try to keep a healthy environment and recycle.

Q4. Volunteering is one way to help save the environment.  After volunteering, do you find your life differently than before?

A4. After volunteering, I found my life to be more differently than before. I learn a lot of new information to help the environment and inspire my friends to follow.

Q5. Any comments to encourage others in volunteerism.

A5. Volunteering at EAA will surely benefit you as you can help and learn about the environment at the same time. It is also a great way to meet new people that share the same environmental views as you. Volunteering at EAA is fun and fulfilling.


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